Behind the scenes of rural estate agency, Farms and Estates


Farms and Estates was created following over 30 years of experience collectively within the property sector and after 3 years trying to purchase a larger farm for our own needs, we realised we could do it better, much better.

The name Farms and Estates came to fruition after spending what felt like forever, procrastinating over whimsical busines names, or using our own names to create a brand, the light bulb moment happened.

We are not your average Estate Agent. We are a dedicated specialist for properties with over an acre of land, and we have an environmental ethos at the helm of what we do.

As we went through the initial suggestions it quickly became clear that the most important thing in a business name is that it lets people know what you do.  So, as our purpose is to sell Farms and Estates, that should be our name.

The next task was to design the logo to match the name and portray our ethos within that branding. Increasingly, people with large gardens or land are selling them off to property developers. We want to protect that land and be the place sellers come to first so we call sell it to someone like minded and have that land kept safe. We wanted the branding to have a focus on land to represent the message that it is a vital resource.


Most Estates Agents whether they sell properties with land or not, focus almost entirely on the house itself, and any information on the land tends to be brief or difficult to find at best. We know that when you are wanting to buy a Farm, Estate, or any property with a large garden, that the type and quality of the land is an important consideration. In many instances, especially for Farmers or those looking for Equestrian properties, the house itself is not the main focus at all, their priority is the welfare of the livestock and being able to do what they need to with the land. Our aim is to ensure what is outside the house gets as much attention as what is on the inside. To represent this in our logo the house is in the lighter grey colour, whereas the land and its features, the tree, grass, and cow, draw the focus. The tree representing the history of the property, the grass and the cow representing its future potential productivity. 

The tree has always been a symbol of life, nature, and the world. We wanted to remind people that buying land is taking custody of a portion of the world and managing it for future generations. As much as the tree is the symbol of life, nature and the world, the soil and grass are its foundations. Upon them everything else is built.

The grass holds the soil together, and the cow tends the grass, grazing it and fertilising it to help it build deep soil and grow strong roots preparing the way for all other forms of life.

When some of the first designs came back from the designer the tree on the logo was not a British Tree and the cow was also from another country. We are sure the designer thought Briar’s email back was bonkers to say the cow was wrong! To most a silhouette of a cow is a silhouette of a cow. We proceeded to say it must be an Oak Tree and a Highland Cow to show support to British Farming. We need more people to buy British produce, enjoy the countryside responsibly and spread the word to others. We have no need to be importing our food from other countries, when we have rich fertile soil and consistent even rainfall giving us some of the world’s best growing conditions right here.


Based in Derbyshire, Farms and Estates is independently owned by Briar Jones, Michael Orchard and Alexander Orchard. We are a family run business with over 30 years of Estate Agency, Building and Surveying Experience.

We are also Farmers and Landowners, our home Trogues Farm is a 120 acre Farm in the heart of the Peak District.

Our Farm is a Holistically Managed, Regenerative Farm. What on earth is that I hear many of you say?

To try summarising years of learning, and lots of books on this, we are looking at our farm as a whole ecosystem and see our role as custodians of the soil, managing the land for greatest fertility and biodiversity letting nature provide us with what we need. Having healthy and deep soil not only retains carbon but provides us with more nutritious food and holds more water, preventing both flooding and droughts, so the land and agriculture becomes more resilient.


We at Farms and Estates believe that the future depends on the land upon which we stand, and what is done with it by those who own it.

As a result, Farms and Estates was created to help, protect, guide and support those selling and purchasing the most important resource we have.


Choosing Farms and Estates puts your move in safe hands as you care for and support our natural world.

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