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We are bespoke Agricultural Estate Agents dedicated to helping Farm and Estate owners with the sale of agricultural properties with an acre or more of land in England and Wales.




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More than just selling Rural Properties

Increasingly, people with large gardens, smallholdings or traditional estates are selling them off to property developers. We believe that the soil on which we stand needs to be protected, our aspiration is to help safeguard it from merely being viewed as development land. Parting with a piece of green growing land to like-minded people sows the seeds for a better future. Farm sales and rural land we predict will become more requested following Covid and due to climate change, we want to be there to help every agricultural sector, current and new as a more diverse way of land care evolves in our country.

As farmers ourselves, and having over 30 years of experience within the property market, we can understand and relate to our client's full range of needs and requirements. With this experience, we are able to not only offer the best Estate Agency service, not just in the specialist rural sector, but we also offer guidance and expert advice on farmland types, dispute resolution, regulations, easements, stewardships and entitlements etc.

Why your Rural Property and Land deserve better

Most Estates Agents whether they sell country properties with land or not, focus almost entirely on the house itself, and any information on the land tends to be brief or difficult to find at best. We know that when you are wanting to buy a Farm, Estate, or any rural property with a large garden, that the type and quality of the land is an important consideration. For our clients, we know that they aren't looking at country houses simply as lifestyle properties and instead want much greater information on the overall commercial property assets of the property that goes way beyond the valuation of the farmhouse. There is often a keen interest in the estate management, wildlife habitat preservation, and woodland management that has been undertaken.

In many instances, especially for farmers or those looking for equestrian properties, the house itself is not the main focus at all. Their priority is the welfare of the livestock and being able to do what they need to with the land. Our aim, as farm and land agents, is to ensure what is outside the house gets as much attention as what is on the inside.

Helping you with your Estate Management

We aim to be the go-to estate agent at a national level for anyone selling a property with acreage, not just because of the results we get for our clients when it comes to selling but because we can do much more. So whether you are looking to attract private clients or institutional clients and regardless of whether you're trying to buy an arable farm or sell an equestrian property, we think you'll benefit from chatting with us.

We are more than happy to discuss with you the plans you have for the property and the business enterprise and give any help or guidance needed in setting the foundations for a successful business that goes way beyond what normal rural estate agents or chartered surveyors may offer. This is not something we charge extra for; we are just here to help you in every way we possibly can and if our knowledge can help you on your journey that is a reward in itself to us.